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Turn A Home Based Business Into Residual Income
By Diep Tran
A home based business does not always start out as a residual income opportunity. For a person who starts their own home business, making it turn out a residual income is something they have to do. Read more...

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Working From Home - What’s Best for You?
By Thomas Childs
Working From Home - What’s Best for You?Even the best home Internet business won’t prove successful for you if you don’t have the personality to work from home. A home Internet Read more...

Working at Home with Paid Surveys.
By Amrou Sukhon
Getting paid for your opinion while working at Home through Paid Surveys, is a profitable way of making money if done right.Working at home seems to be a popular trend these days. Read more...

Lighting For A New Home
By Dan Carrin
You are excited about building your new home, the place of your dreams. There are so many options to choose from when working with the architect on a custom home or working with the builder in a Read more...

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5 Top Tips For Building Muscle At Home
By Darren MacLeod
I have always believed that you have a much better chance of reaching your fitness goals if you join a gym and get advice from a professional trainer or coach. However, many readers do not have the time, money or desire to join a gym and prefer to workout at home. I believe that working out has a its disadvantages, but the one huge advantage it does have is…you don’t have to leave the house!

If you are one of these people that plans to workout at then this article is for you! Like I just mentioned, you will have a far better chance of achieving your goals when you join a gym but it is possible to get into shape and build muscle without leaving your with limited equipment.

So here at my top 5 tips for building muscle at home:

1) Don’t waste your money on “miracle” gym equipment
Getting in shape takes time, motivation and hard work. If you are not willing to put in those three things then you may as well not start. Avoid gym equipment that says “get in shape in 5 minutes a day”, or “flatter abs in 14 days”. These types of equipment are a total waste of money! You can literally do hundreds of exercises just using a set of dumbbells and a barbell, and these happen to be some of the cheapest pieces of gym equipment. If you are unsure of what equipment best suits your needs you should consult a fitness professional (see tip 5).

2) Wherever possible, use your bodyweight
If you have limited equipment, bodyweight exercises are your friend. You can potentially pack on a huge amount of muscle without ever lifting a dumbbell or barbell. Good bodyweight exercises to do at include chin ups, wide grip pull ups, dips, bench dips, push ups and bodyweight rows.

3) Plan

your diet around your workouts
If you have the flexibility of working out at then you also have the ability to plan your meals around your workouts. Diet makes up 70% of the building muscle process so you can see how important it is. Make sure you eat a good serve of complex carbohydrates about one hour before your workout and a nutritious meal containing protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals within 1 hour of finishing your workout. You should spread your meals out evenly throughout the day. Eat six small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones. This promotes a fast metabolism and limits fat storage.

4) Avoid distractions
One of the problems with working out at is getting easily distracted. If possible, set up your gym equipment in an empty room with a stereo so you can focus on working out and not what’s happening around the house. A friend of mine who has a gym told me he often used to put his favorite bodybuilding DVDs on while he was training to keep him motivated. This is an awesome tip to stay motivated at home. Another tip would be to try and workout when no one else is home.

5) Consult a fitness professional
I recommend this for people who are new to weight training and workouts. Even if you have trained in a gym before, working out at is much different and a fitness professional with working out at experience should be able to help you out. In addition to helping you with your gym setup, he/she will be able to plan a good routine and give you some tips to maximize the equipment you’ve got. You should be able to get all the help you need in one or two sessions so it shouldn’t break the bank!

These are just a few important tips for those of you working out at home. If you are serious about workout out at for the long term, I would recommend that you pick up a few more basic pieces of equipment. These include an adjustable bench, weight rack (this can be used for bench and squatting) and a good range of dumbbells and weight plates.

If you have any more questions about working out at head over to the forum on, our members will happily help you out with some free advice. Well, good luck with your workouts and thank you for reading this article. See links below for further information.
Learn how to build muscle, gain weight and shape up by reading this free muscle building information. Muscle& has over 700 page of free info including muscle building supplement advice.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to home that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our home rentals website.

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