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Starting An Internet Home Based Business - Five Common Mistakes To Avoid
By Elaine Currie
Many people who would like to start an Internet home based business have no idea of the best way to get started. Starting an Internet home based business is definitely exciting but the experience Read more...

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Selling Luxury Homes
By Alexis Hunter
Are you selling homes in the luxury market? Who are the buyers you will be representing? The luxury home market is unlike any other real estate market. It caters to those whose incomes are in the Read more...

Stop Kidding - No Home Gyms Allowed
By Rolf Rasmusson
Home GymsNot long ago my wife went shopping for home gyms. No not for her but of all people for me. I was devastated. The idea, me exercise? I sit and work at the computer all day and Read more...

Homeowners Insurance Coverage: Are You Really Protected?
By Joe Hanoa
Most homeowners think, or hope, that they have enough coverage on their homes to take care of just about any sort of contingency. However, waiting until a disaster strikes – like Hurricane Katrina – Read more...

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In-Home Theaters
By Alexis Hunter
Homes in the luxury market are not just homes, they are showcases. They are showcases for gourmet kitchen, marble floors, designer pools with specialty concrete and even tennis courts. For some, having a luxury comes with an added element that is sure to impress. They even have in-home theater rooms.

We're not just talking about oversized custom entertainment centers. We are talking about an entire room designed to emulate a real movie theater. Comfort with custom seating, ambient lighting, beautiful large screen high definition televisions plus the option of having the room designed in specific time periods, stles or themes. Everything from western themes to luxurious art deco to creative film themes are available.

There are companies that offer assistance in designing the perfect theater room according to homeowners' taste and specifcations. They can help either before the house is built or even in established homes.

Home theaters are elegant, however, costly. They are the perfect solution for those people who enjoy more time at instead of always going out to a movie theater. They are able to avoid the crowded and loud theaters, the sticky and gummy floors, the restless children and

people's heads blocking the view. A beautiful and private theater can provide that perfect atmosphere for just you and your family and friends.

The architectural and interior choices can be limitless. Private theaters can be designed with an elaborate style which could include a ceiling that looks like a starty sky as you are gazing up at your screen. Yes anything is possbile. Even custom made popcorn poppers to really set the scene of an authentic theater could be a great added detail.

Lighting is also a key element to this type of room. Soft and indirect lighting on dimmer switches controlled from a remote at your special seat is usually what the experts recommend.

Home theater rooms also require one other major feature and that is a high-quality surround sound system especially if the real feel a movie theater is to be achieved. Of course you would want to feel the thunder, storms and any other scenery effects you may be watching on the screen, wouldn't you? Companies are definitely abrest of all the latest technolgy to make sure that sype of room is well equipped and can also help achieve each and every detail of your movie room.

No matter what style and type of theater you choose the joys and luxuries of a theater are sure to impress. Something about watching a DVD from the comfort of your own lounge chair in a dimly lit room in front of a large screen is tempting. You can even show off to your friends and be sure to become the talk of the neighborhood. If the in-home theater is your choice for your luxury then pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and begin the show!
Alexis Hunter is the Marketing Director for The Morel Group which specializes in Fine Alta Loma real estate. The Morel Team Marketing Experts spare no expense in showcasing your property and bringing focus to the uniqueness and beauty of your home.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to home that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our houses website.

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